Eating healthy - and getting KIDS to eat healthy can be challenging - or impossible - especially in today’s “grab and go” society … that’s where I can help. Not only am I a 15-year Pilates professional, but I am also a health food agent the Juice Plus+ company.

I came to the Juice Plus+ community at a time when I was overworked, under nourished, and sleep deprived, and saying yes was the best decision I made not only for MY health, but also for my family’s health. At this point in my life I was a new business owner and grandmother. I was running from the studio, to home, to see my granddaughter, and trying to fit my husband in there somewhere. I was exhausted and getting cold sores every month!

Shortly after starting my Juice Plus+ journey I noticed that I wasn’t feeling exhausted … it was great start. THEN I learned about the Family Health Study where kids eat free! I immediately signed up my granddaughter as soon as she was four! The poor little girl had been born with food allergies, asthma and sensitivity issues that contributed to her very finicky eating and constipation. It was then that she and I were BOTH on a Juice Plus+ health journey!

Fast forward five years later and we are now celebrating a new level of wellness. My little girl has no more asthma or constipation, and is trying so many new foods, AND she has not been on an antibiotic since she started. Once her little body was flooded with the phytonutrients of 30 fruits, vegetables and berries it knew just what to do and started healing her from the inside out. For me, I now have more sustainable energy than I had when I was in my 30s, I get only 1-2 cold sores per year because my immune system is stronger than ever. My hair, skin and nails all have a healthy glow and I would never go a day without my Juice Plus+ … we are living examples of what the 30 clinical research studies have proven, that Juice Plus is bio-available, supports the function of the immune system, supports a healthy inflammatory response, maintains healthy DNA and so much more!

It is the most clinically researched nutritional product in the world (just as Siri!).

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