I began taking classes with Celeste very soon after my hip replacement surgery. That was 5 years ago. Celeste is a highly knowledgeable and careful instructor. Her classes are challenging and at the same time she is fully aware of any problems you might have physically and addresses them. During this time of Covid-19 she has been teaching her classes virtually and hasn't lost any of her expertise in keeping her students engaged and looking forward to the next class.

S. Mulligan


I have been working with Celeste at Essex Pilates for about a year now. I am taking both mat and private lessons (using the equipment) and I LOVE them both. I have always struggled with back pain and she has helped me tremendously to regain stability in mu low back and improve my posture. I am learning to activate my muscles properly and am finally feeling a connection to my abdominals.

I feel stronger and, more stable, and more confident when binini season rolls around. I plant to continue with her for a long time - thank you so so much, Celeste.

A. Valletta, Cranio-Sacral Therapist and BodyMind Coach


Thank you Celeste, we are all very appreciative and growing stronger from this opportunity.  Personally I never had an interest in Pilates and am glad I gave it a shot.  It’s been a nice compliment to my other exercise (virtually – who would have thought?!) and something I find real value in.  I know the team has mentioned their enjoyment of the sessions and the increasing difficulty level.  

D. Ascenso, CPA 


Just finished another virtual workout with Celeste! It was great. She is fantastic at virtual training and I am fortunate to be coached by such a skilled professional.

L. Fulginiti


I can recall that when I first visited Essex Pilates, I loved the space immediately. Then meeting you, my 7th Pilates instructor over the course of 15 years, was indeed a pleasure.  Your professional focus and up beat demeanor was reassuring and invigorating to me.

After two major surgeries, one of which was a total knee replacement, you served both as my Pilates instructor and my rehabilitation guru.  No other instructor with whom I have worked could begin to match your skill set, informed by your understanding of the musculoskeletal system. You have routinely made the creative modification necessary for me during these challenging periods …

I am so grateful to you for loving what you do!

With affection,

D. Harbison, MD., P.C.


Essex Pilates is the caliber studio that I am fortunate to have found.  As a physical therapist, I appreciate the purpose and benefits of Pilates. I had looked for a studio and instructor to assist me in preparing for my wedding. As a professional who analyzes movement and crafts exercise to meet individual needs, I was looking for a professional to do the same in return.  Katy has exceeded my expectations at observational skill and interpretation.  And, man, can she tailor a work out to target all the weak areas! I kept up with my Pilates as I prepared for surgery and I know it is the reason I recuperated as quickly as I did. I got more out of a single one-on-one session than I would have gotten out 2-3 outpatient physical therapy visits because the medical landscape has therapists pushed for volume.  Essex Pilates has so much to offer as the backbone or supplement to health and wellness.  This picky therapist gives her full support!

A. Risigo


Essex Pilates & Wellness has changed my life. With private and group classes that are tailored to the individual or the group, you move faster to your target.  For me and my husband, we are now pain free, flexible, strong in our core, have a great sense of wellbeing and feel and look 10 years younger!

New wellness programs have enhanced the already fabulous Pilates and Yoga program. I strongly recommend Essex Pilates to my friends, family and patients.

 M .Govil, M.D.


I originally started with Essex  Pilates & Wellness to help me recover from the fatigue and weakness associated with my breast cancer treatments. Then a year later,  I broke my leg.  As soon as I received my orthopedic surgeon’s permission, I went back to Essex Pilates & Wellness to try and get my leg and body back into shape so I could once again work with my horses.

By providing me with modifications, I was able to take group classes and enjoy the company of others. They excel at making everyone comfortable and safe and yet push us to go a little farther each session. The instructors, through their caring and professionalism, helped me get through two very difficult years and emerge stronger mentally and physically.

Thank you,

P. Daragon